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What UPS OnLine® Tools module does

The module UPS OnLine® Tools enables UPS real-time shipping rate calculation at your store.

Roles in UPS OnLine® Tools module management

If you are an X-Cart GOLD administrator/provider or an X-Cart PRO administrator:

  • You can enable/disable UPS OnLine® Tools module, perform UPS OnLine® Tools registration and configure the module settings

Enabling and Configuring 'UPS Online® Tools'

To begin using the module:

1. Make sure your store meets the system requirements for installing and using UPS OnLine® Tools module. The following components are required:

  • EXPAT extension for php;
  • HTTPS module like Net:SLeay, libCURL, CURL, Open SSL or HTTPS-cli.
Note: You can use the Summary page (Administration menu->Summary) to find out whether these components are installed on your system. If you select Net:SLeay perl module as your preferred HTTPS module, be sure to specify the full path to Perl interpreter executable in General settings->General options.

2. Enable UPS OnLine® Tools module (Administration menu->Modules).

When the module is enabled, a link 'UPS OnLine® Tools' appears in the Settings menu of the Admin area of your store.

3. Register your UPS OnLine® Tools with UPS:

  • Go to the 'UPS OnLine® Tools' section of your store (Settings menu->UPS OnLine® Tools). You should see a dialog box titled 'UPS Online® Tools - Main page'.

  • Click the Register button. UPS Online® Tools Licensing & Registration Wizard will be launched to guide you through the registration process.

  • Complete the registration:
At Step 1, click the button Next to proceed with the registration.
At Step 2, read the UPS Technology Agreement.

If you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement, select 'Yes, I Do Agree' and click on Next. If you do not agree to accept the terms and conditions of the Agreement, select 'No, I Do Not Agree' and click on Next (In this case you will exit the registration process).
At Step 3, provide your registration information. The address you provided in General settings->Company options is automatically entered into the registration form. However, you can provide a different address and contact info (manually or using the Fill From Profile button).

Make sure you have completed all the fields and entered your valid email address before you click the Next button.
Step 4 informs you of the successful completion of the registration process:

Click the Finish button to return to 'UPS Online® Tools - Main page'.

4. Adjust your store to use UPS Online® Tools:

  • Ensure that the option 'Real-time shipping calculation' is enabled and the option 'Intershipper calculation services' is disabled in General settings->Shipping options section.
  • Again, go to the 'UPS OnLine® Tools' section of your store. After you have registered your UPS Online® Tools with UPS, a Configure button appears in the 'UPS Online® Tools - Main page' dialog box:

Click this button. A dialog box titled 'UPS Online® Tools Rates & Service Selection' opens.

  • Complete the fields in the 'Rates & Service Selection OnLine Tool' and 'Address Validation OnLine Tool' subsections of the 'UPS Online® Tools Rates & Service Selection' dialog box.
  • Click the Update button.
Note: The button Test can be used to test the Rates & Service Selection and Address Validation Tools.

Setting up International Shipping

Some of the international shipping services offered by UPS may depend on other UPS services. If you are planning to use such shipping methods in your store, it is important to resolve these dependencies first. Otherwise X-Cart will not be able to estimate UPS shipping charges in the real-time mode.

To resolve the dependencies, you need to activate the generic UPS services along with the shipping methods that you are planning to use. For example, UPS Express Saver (SM) depends on UPS Saver. Therefore, to get shipping charges for UPS Express Saver (SM) estimated you need to activate both UPS Express Saver (SM) and UPS Saver.

To activate UPS shipping services:

  1. Log in to the Admin area.
  2. Go to the Shipping methods section (Management menu -> Shipping methods).
  3. In the 'Shipping methods' box, click on the UPS link to expand the list of available shipping methods.
  4. Select the check boxes for the methods you want to activate.
  5. Click the Update button.


Activate "UPS Saver" shipping method if you are going to offer the following methods for your customers:

  • UPS Express Saver (SM)
  • UPS Worldwide Saver (SM)
  • UPS Worldwide Express Saver (SM)

Otherwise these methods will not be available for customers.

Activate "UPS Standard" shipping method to be able to offer the "UPS Standard to Canada" shipping method to customers.