X-Cart:UPS OnLine Tools Change (X-Cart 4.2.1 or lower)

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X-Cart 4.2.1or lower

I would like to inform you that we have received the following notice from UPS:

May 19 2009 UPS is moving from Unchained Digital Certificates to Chained Digital Certificates. Therefore, we will disable SSLv2 on all our UPS OnLine Tool servers. We have identified a few of your customers as uploading via SSLv2. We believe on May 19 2009 these customers' connection will break.

We require your assistance in informing your customers about this upcoming change.

To find out if your customer's or your system supports SSL Version 3.0 please connect to our Customer Integration Environment (CIE). The CIE has already been migrated to chained certificates. Please refer to the developer's guide for the Tool(s) you are using for the correct CIE connection URL.

Again I want to iterate that if your customers are not able to connect via SSLv3 by May 19, 2009 their connection for the UPS OnLine Tools will break!

Thank you.

X-Cart 4.3 has support for SSLv3 communication with UPS Online Tools out of the box.

X-Cart v4.x doesn't force the SSLv3 connection out of the box. So, if you use UPS Online Tools and your server uses SSL2 connections by default, you need to apply the corresponding patch: