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The X-Cart team regularly improves and updates the X-Cart shopping cart by releasing new software versions and branches. With each new release, X-Cart gains a series of fixes and advances that make the software even more powerful, efficient and secure. Some of these improvements only fine-tune the existing X-Cart behavior, but other change it dramatically by introducing new features and opportunities, affecting the software hard core, database structure and user interfaces. And it seems quite natural that at some point you may decide to upgrade your store to the latest version so that to be able to use all the advantages of newer releases.

To better understand X-Cart upgrades, read this section.

Specially for those store owners who already use earlier X-Cart versions and want to upgrade their stores, together with new software versions we release special upgrade packs that allow store owners to iron differences between their existing copies of X-Cart and the latest X-Cart versions. Both the new releases and the upgrade packs are available for download to registered X-Cart license owners through their personal Help Desk accounts at https://secure.qtmsoft.com .

Follow these stages to upgrade an X-Cart based store:

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