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User profiles in X-Cart

In X-Cart, any registered user has a user profile. A user profile is a collection of information associated with the user.

Typically, a user profile includes:

  • personal information (title, first name, last name, etc),
  • billing and shipping addresses,
  • contact information (phone, email address, fax, etc),
  • username and password.

A user profile is created as a result of completion of a 'Profile details' form.

Roles in user profiles management

If you are an X-Cart GOLD administrator/provider or an X-Cart PRO administrator:

- find user profiles by certain parameters,
- view and modify user profiles,
- delete user profiles,
- export user profiles.

If you are an X-Cart PRO provider:

  • You cannot create any user profiles.
  • You cannot manage any user profiles except your own user profile.