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X-Cart 4.3or above

Here's a list of improvements introduced in X-Cart 4.3:

Design and appearance

  • Two new skins have been added to the set of available skins: Light & Lucid 2-column and Vivid Dreams Cromo.
  • Ajax technology is used to make working with the store quicker and easier. There are now options in admin area, which allow to enable adding products to cart on product details and products list pages, refreshing only the minicart and product control elements (quantity select box, buttons). The products can now also be rated without the current page being reloaded. The whole page does not have to be refreshed, thus making for a very slick user experience.
  • A quick search panel is now available in the admin area. It is used to search for the necessary item among several object types: users, products and orders. To fine-tune the search results you may wish to force the system to search among products, users or orders only. An admin with 'Fulfillment staff' membership is not allowed to search for products and users.
  • Instead of always using one WYSIWYG editor, it is now possible to select from three editors: CKEditor, TinyMCE, or InnovaStudio WYSIWYG editor. There is a special option in Admin area, which controls which of the editors will be used to edit HTML contents without having to spell out HTML tags.
  • The store admin can now choose the way the language selector looks like in the customer area. The language selector can be configured as a old style drop-down box, as a single line of text with language codes/names or as a single line of language icons (defined by the store administrator in the General settings/Appearance options section).

Shipping & payment modules

  • All the shipping and payment modules have been updated to current API documentation.
  • The following payment modules have been added:
Amazon Simple Pay
CyberSource (Hosted page)
CyberSource (SOAP toolkit)
eProcessingNetwork. Web-based.
eSelect Plus (Hosted page)
First Data Global Gateway (Connect)
GoEmerchant - EZ Payment Gateway Secure Payment Form
HSBC Secure E-Payment Service (XML)
NAB Transact Hosted Payment Page
Netbilling gateway - Payment Form
PayPoint Fast Track
Post Finance (Advanced e-Commerce)
viaKlix 2.0 (Provided Form)
Virtual merchant (Provided Form)
  • The following payment modules have been removed (due to the fact that these payment gateways/systems are obsolete or we were not able to contact them to make sure they are live and get updates from)
3Delta Systems
Cardia Shop
Censeo (no dialog)
Censeo (dialog)
CyberPac (LaCaixa)
TransFirst eLink (Server based solution)
Payment Express (Hosted payment page)
Direct Payment Solution: PX POST
E-Gateway (Mantis Technologies)
Ezic. Direct mode V3.x
Clear Commerce (PayFuse)
IntelliPay: ExpertLink
Lynk Systems
AccessPoint (MerchantManager)
PayZip.Net: Web2Web
PayGateway (Paradata Systems)
Pasat Internet
PaySystems Client
PSW Billing
RTWare: ADC Direct Response
Scopus Tecnologia
Slim CD
Docdata Payments
Wells Fargo
  • Google Checkout module now supports the Carrier calculated shipping feature, that enables Google to dynamically request rates from shipping carriers based on the order information. Google supports the carrier-calculated shipping feature for three carriers: FedEx, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).


  • Countries data has been updated according to ISO-3166
  • A storefront open/close indicator has been added to the admin area. There is an indicator, showing whether the customer area is open or closed, and a switch, allowing to close or open it respectively.
  • The "Add to list" button functionality has been improved: it is now possible to select whether you want to add the product to wishlist, to comparison list or to a gift registry (and specify the required gift registry).
  • X-Cart installation script has been updated: new layout has been integrated, additional checks for system requirements have been added, the error handling behavior has been improved, skin preview has been improved, etc.
  • Smarty changes: Smarty has been updated to the version 2.6.26.


  • X-AOM add-on has been included into the core X-Cart as Advanced Order Management (AOM) module and has been extended with order modifications history functionality. The module now tracks order changes and keeps their history.
  • X-RMA add-on has been included into the core X-Cart as RMA module and now includes some improvements of inventory tracking for confirmed return requests.
  • X-FancyCategories add-on has been included into the core X-Cart as Flyout Menus module and extended with 'tree-like expanding' menu style.
  • X-FeatureComparison: some minor improvements have been made: it is now possible to specify short feature descriptions, to disable search by some features, and to search by features in one of "All words/Any word/Exact phrase" mode.
  • X-Configurator: it is now possible to specify a base price for a configured product, to specify a default product for a slot, and to specify a quantity limit for product in slots. The layout of configurator pages has also been improved.
  • X-SpecialOffers: the procedure of specifying the offer conditions on products is now more flexible (product sets can be used). Free bonus products are now automatically added to the cart. Applying global discounts and coupons to already discounted (by special offers) items can now be disabled, etc.
  • X-GiftRegistry: orders can now be gift-wrapped, and the price of gift wrapping be included into the order total. A couple of other minor improvements have been done.
  • X-Survey includes some minor improvements in logic (generally, code optimization) and layout design.
  • X-Affiliate: some improvements of banner system have been done. Multi-level affiliate plans logic has been improved. Partner statistics reports are now made more detailed.
  • X-Magnifier: it is now possible to import hi-res images and batch re-slice these images for displaying in the magnifier window. The magnifier window itself has also undergone some changes.
Note: Please read the CHANGELOG for more details.