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Design and appearance

  • New "Light Responsive" skin
    A new responsive and mobile ready skin - Light Responsive - has been added into all the packages of X-Cart Classic.
  • Improved Checkout Workflow
    On the checkout page the "Continue" button which used to be under the column with the buyer's personal info has been removed.

Home page:
Xc470 home page.png
Product page:
Xc470 product page.png
Shopping cart page:
Xc470 cart page.png
Checkout page:
Xc470 checkout page.png


Evolved from the well-known "Express Checkout", PayPal's "In-context Checkout" is a new feature aimed at simplifying the checkout flow for your customers. With this feature the number of clicks for the buyer is decreased to 2 (or 3, if the buyer is not logged in to their PayPal account). A user is NOT taken to the PayPal site to complete the transaction — it all happens right on your website. Moreover, right on the page the customer is viewing, as it opens a minibrowser above that very page. If the transaction is successful, the customer is provided with an order confirmation; otherwise the customer is redirected to a regular checkout page so they can try again.


  • Custom order statuses
    The new module is available within the packages "GoldPlus" and "Platinum", and its title is self-explanatory: the module enables the store administrator to create custom order statuses. To add a new one, go to "Settings" - >"Order statuses".
Xc470 custom order statuses module.png
Order status management:
Xc470 custom order statuses management.png
Custom status:
Xc470 custom order statuses example.png