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What Wholesale Trading module does

The module Wholesale Trading allows you to define wholesale prices for products. These prices are generally lower and depend on the quantity of the product items being ordered and/or on the membership level of the customer who orders them. Wholesale Trading can be enabled in the Modules section of X-Cart Admin area.

Roles in Wholesale Trading module management

If you are an X-Cart GOLD or GOLD PLUS administrator/provider or an X-Cart PLATINUM or PRO administrator:

  • You can enable/disable Wholesale Trading module.
  • You can define wholesale prices for products

If you are an X-Cart PLATINUM or PRO provider:

  • You can define wholesale prices for products

Setting Wholesale Prices for Products

To add a wholesale price:

  1. Find the product for which you want to add a wholesale price.
  2. Open this product for modification in the 'Product Management' section.
  3. Click the Wholesale prices link in the 'Product Management' section menu. The 'Wholesale prices' section opens.
    Wh trading.png
    The price of one item without the wholesale discounts for all membership groups is displayed for your convenience on the first line of the prices list.
  4. Use the 'Add new price' subsection to configure a new wholesale price:
    • Quantity: Enter the product quantity starting from which the wholesale price is to be applied.
    • Price: Enter the wholesale per-item price.
    • Membership: Select the membership group that will be able to purchase the product at the specified wholesale price.
  5. Click the Add/Update button. The new wholesale price will be added to the prices list.

Example: In our demo store, we created a membership level titled Wholesale. We want users with this membership level to be able to purchase the product 'Albert Einstein Action Figure' (reg. price $8.99) at the price of $7.99 per item if they order 10 or more items of this product. We need to set this wholesale price as follows:

Wh trading1.png

After clicking the Add/Update button, we'll see the wholesale price we have added in our prices list:

Wh trading2.png
Note: Instead of adding wholesale prices one by one, you can import them from a CSV file.

To change a previously defined wholesale price, edit the corresponding price value and/or membership and click on Add/Update.

To delete a wholesale price, select the check box next to the price you want to delete and click the Delete selected button.

Setting Wholesale Prices for Product Variants

To modify wholesale prices for selected product variants:

  1. Select the check boxes next to the variants for which you want to define or change wholesale prices.
  2. Click on the [+] Modify wholesale prices for selected variants link. This opens a section where you can define wholesale prices for the selected variants.
    Wh trading var.png
    Use the [+] icon to add more lines, if needed.
  3. Enter one or more wholesale prices.
    Wh trading var1.png
  4. Click the Update wholesale prices button to save the changes.

After modifying any wholesale prices, you will be able to view them by clicking the [+] icon next to the price of the respective product variant:

Wh trading var2.png

What your customers see

After you define some wholesale prices, the prices displayed to customers in the Customer area will be sorted and filtered in a special way:

  • Prices will be ordered from highest to lowest.
  • Customers will be able to see only the prices that are actually available to them based on their membership level: customers without a membership will see only the prices available to "All"; customers with a specific membership with see both the prices available to "All" and to their membership level.
  • At each level of wholesale pricing, customers will be able to see only the lowest price available to them.

Example 1. We took a product with a regular price of $6 and defined some wholesale prices for it as follows:

Wh trading3.png

Now if we log in as a customer with Premium membership and look at the page of this product in the Customer front end, we'll see that only the following prices are displayed:

Wh trading5.png

Let us compare the wholesale price settings for this product in the store's back end and the prices we see in the front end:

Wh trading4.png

Note the following:

  • The price "100+ items - $2 per item - Membership: Wholesale" is not shown in the Customer area as unavailable to members of the Premium membership level.
  • Of the two prices - "30+ items - $4 per item - Membership: All" and "20+ items - $3 per item - Membership: Premium" - only the latter is displayed being the lowest price available to Premium members on the quantity range of 20-40 items.

Example 2. We took a product with variants and defined some wholesale prices for the variant "Color: Storm Blue + Size: XL" as follows:

Wh trading var2.png

Now if we log in as a customer with Premium membership, find this product in the Customer front end and select a combination of product options corresponding to this variant, we'll see the following:

Wh trading var3.png

The wholesale price we see here ("10+ items - $14.99) is the only wholesale price available to users of the Premium membership level.
Note that when we select "10" or a greater number from the Qty box, the price displayed on the line that says Our price is updated to reflect the currently applicable wholesale price:

Wh trading var4.png

This works only for product variants; prices for regular products are not updated automatically.