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Information.gif The goal of this website is to provide help on using Qualiteam's products and services.

The content we do have is not organized well yet. These other methods of browsing our content may help:

Please note that all the pages from the X-Payments: namespace were moved to the X-Payments website and are now available at http://www.x-payments.com/help/

Note This website should not be used as a discussion board or support desk. Any support inquiries should be posted to Message board under your X-Cart Account.

Editorial guidelines

Template:Qualiteam Help:Editorial guidelines

Privacy policy

See http://www.qtmsoft.com/privacy-policy.html

Trademark policy

See http://www.qtmsoft.com/trademark-policy.html


Read http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/API on how to use MediaWiki API for retrieving data contained within this portal.