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Technical support service

How do I subscribe for Qualiteam's technical support services?

You can subscribe for the tech support services in the 'Buy products/services' section of your X-Cart Account.

Can Qualiteam staff resolve my issues?

Read about Qualiteam support services at:

What are Technical Support Service Terms of Use?

See: Qualiteam.com: Technical Support Service Terms of Use.

Why do I have no support services for my X-Cart license?

The technical support services are provided on the basis of commercial subscriptions-based support system.

When purchasing an X-Cart license, customers can choose whether to subscribe for the technical support services, or get a discounted price by purchasing a Developer License, which does not have the technical support services included.

If you are a newbie with the X-Cart software, you may need assistance with setting up your first X-Cart-based store. In this case, we recommend our customers to subscribe for the technical support services. Our qualified and skilled support engineers are always ready to help.

If an X-Cart Developer License is purchased, the technical support services are not available. Hence, all your further tech support requests will require subscription for the technical support services, or purchasing one-indecent support package.

To enable the technical support services for your account, you are welcome to purchase the corresponding support services in the 'Buy products/services' section of your HelpDesk account.

You are also welcome to use our publicly available on-line resources:

See also:

How to contact tech support engineers?

To contact Qualiteam staff, use 'Communication center' section of your X-Cart Account. All your tickets and our replies are organized and stored for future reference. For detailed help please refer to Using your Qualiteam Account page.

What is turnaround time for my ticket?

Standard support queries are guaranteed to be processed in 1 business day turnaround period. HotRush requests are processed out of turn. You may also expedite resolving of an issue reported as a standard support ticket or learn about its progress by contacting us (via the Helpdesk or by phone).

What is support team's working time?

Our working time is 8:00-24:00 (Monday-Friday), 10:00-18:00 (Saturday-Sunday) by our local time. Our local time is GMT+4.

See also:

What is HotRush service?

See: Support Services: Hotrush

How do I withdraw my HotRush request?

In the "Ticket properties" section, click "HotRush request withdrawal" link.

Note: The right to withdraw HotRush request is limited - you can do it maximum 3 times.

See also: Support Services: Hotrush

What is LiveChat service?

See: Support Services: Hotrush

What are warranties for the X-Cart software?

See: X-Cart Software license agreement.

What is Qualiteam's bug-fixing policy?

We provide bug-fixes (patches) for free, and do not charge customers for the task to investigate and reveal a bug. However, customers are supposed to be able to install patches themselves - either using the build-in patch utility, or do it manually using the instructions provided in our Knowledge Base:

Basically patches can be easily installed via X-Cart admin back-end, as described in the Knowledge base. However in some cases patches require manual installation. For example:

  • Your X-Cart files differ from default ones, as they were modified in some way, for example:
    • you have some custom modification in your X-Cart store (since X-Cart is an open-source software, each customer can modify the software to meet his/her personal needs).
    • you have some other patches manually applied in the past.
  • The patch released for a specific issue is created for the software, in which some other (previous) patches need to be applied first to fix other non-related issues.
  • File permissions set for your X-Cart installation files do not allow to apply patches via X-Cart admin back-end.

In the above cases, patches would require manual installation, and it would be a time consuming task. Thus, if you need us to apply a patch to your store, it's treated as a separate task for extra fees or may require subscription for the tech support services. Besides you can apply patches manually by yourself using the instructions provided in the Knowledge base.

Please also note that according to the X-Cart Software license agreement:

5.2 This Agreement does not obligate the Author to perform the installation of any corrections, bug fixes, patches or
other updates to the Software licensed hereunder that is installed on your server.

As an alternative to applying separate patches (bug-fixes), you can wait for the next software release, and then upgrade your X-Cart store. All the patches relevant to the previous software version and fixed in the latest release are included into corresponding upgrade packs.

See also:

What is a 'bug'?

A software bug is the common term used to describe an error, flaw, mistake, failure, or fault in a computer program or system that produces an incorrect or unexpected result, or causes it to behave in unintended ways.

Generally, if the Software, running in the environment that meets the Software's System Requirements, does not operate as described in the Software User Manual - it is considered to be a Bug.

See also:

How to report a bug?

If you consider the issue found to be a bug in the X-Cart software, please report it in the Issue Tracker.

Before reporting a bug, please take the following actions:

  1. Use a stock X-Cart installation of the latest version (with no custom modifications and add-on modules installed) in order to set up the relevant configuration and recreate the possible bug.
  2. Double-check the relevant configuration settings in your X-Cart admin back-end, make sure they are configured properly.
  3. In your bug report, provide detailed information about the possible bug and relevant software configuration.

Besides, please follow the recommendations provided on the "Report an issue" page in the Issue Tracker. Following all the reconciliations can considerably speed up the possible bug confirmation, troubleshooting and resolution.

You can also find solutions (bug-fixes or patches) for already registered and solved bugs in the Issue Tracker system. Detailed instructions for bug-fixes/patches installation can be found in the Knowledge Base, as well as other useful info such as software manuals and configuration tips, FAQs and troubleshooting articles.

NOTE: If you are using an older version of the X-Cart software (not the latest version), please consider upgrading your store to the latest version in order to eliminate all known and resolved bugs. Both the new releases and the upgrade packs are available for download to registered X-Cart license owners through their personal X-Cart Account.

Finally, you can take advantage of our commercial Technical Support Services in order to get prompt and qualified assistance from our expert X-Cart's support team in troubleshooting any problems affecting your store (both possible and known software bugs, as well as problems not related to the latter).

See also:

What do 'obsolete' and 'out of guarantee' versions mean?

While creating a support ticket in your 'Communication center', you see 'Obsolete' and 'Out of guarantee' versions of the software on the 'Product version:' drop-down list:

  • 'Obsolete' means the version is not the latest one, although it is still supported. So, if you find a bug in an obsolete version, you'll be provided with a free patch for fixing it. As a rule, this is not the latest version of the latest branch.
  • 'Out of guarantee' means that if you find a new bug in such version, the only solution are going to have is to upgrade to a newer version of the software. No bug-fixing patches are provided for out-of-guarantee versions. As a rule, this is not the latest version of an earlier branch.

Any version, released earlier than 1 year ago, is considered 'Out of guarantee'.

Nevertheless, we provide support for all versions of the software, so please feel free to contact us via your HelpDesk account, should you require any assistance.

See also:

Does Qualiteam provide security patches for out-of-guarantee versions?

Generally, all known security issues related to the X-Cart/LiteCommerce software have been addressed in the latest versions of the software. For the older versions, the corresponding security patches are available in the "File Area" section of your personal Helpdesk at the following locations:

  • X-Cart -> X-Cart supporting files for prev versions -> {choose your X-Cart version} -> Updates and patches
  • LiteCommerce -> LC supporting files for prev versions -> {choose your LiteCommerce version} -> Updates and patches

If a new security issue affecting the X-Cart/LiteCommerce software is found, we will release new security hot-fixes for the latest versions of the software.

Besides, in each case we make a decision on releasing new security patches for every out-of-guarantee version affected by the security issue. Our decision depends on the severity of the security issue found.

In case the security issue found is already addressed in a newer version of the software, the possible solutions are:

  • Upgrade to the newer version of the software which has the security issue fixed.
  • Apply the corresponding security patch to your specific software version.

Please feel free to contact us via your HelpDesk account, should you require any assistance.

What is Qualiteam's policy about the updates/patches related to changes/bugs in 3rd party APIs/software integrated with the X-Cart software?

Text goes here...

What are support points?

See: Incident-based support: support issues cost

What are issue categories?

See: Incident-based support: support issues cost

Can I refund my support points?

See: Qualiteam.com: Moneyback policy

Do my support points expire?

Your points will expire if not spent during 2 years.

Custom Development and Design

Where can I see the progress on my tasks and how they are performed?

In your X-Cart Account open the 'Projects' section. There you can see a list of the projects. Select a project to view its tasks list. Each task has a status and a progress bar. Below you can find a diagram which describes life cycle of a task. There are also descriptions for the statuses.
Task life.png
Task statuses
Taskstatus sheduled.gif Scheduled
This status is set by Director of System integration department or by Director of Design department when the task is created. It means that the task has been scheduled. Once a developer starts working on the task the status is changed to Working.
Taskstatus working.gif Working
This status means that the task is currently under development. You can see the percentage of the task progress in the progress bar. If the progress is behind schedule the bar turns red. When the development phase is finished the status is changed to Quality Assurance.
Taskstatus qa.gif Quality Assurance
This status means the task is being tested by our QA team. When the testing is over the status is changed to Completed.
Taskstatus reviewing.gif Reviewing
This status means the task preview is ready. But the task is still under development. You'll be provided with a link where you can view and test the result. When the development phase is finished the status is changed to Completed.
Taskstatus testing.gif Completed
This status means the task is completed according to the project specification. You'll be provided with a link where you can check and test the result before the changes are uploaded to your server.
Taskstatus ready to upload.gif Ready to Upload
You have found the preview satisfactory (the task has been completed according to your requirements) and you agree to upload the changes to your server. You are the only one who can set the status so no changes are done to your site until you set 'Ready to Upload' status. If you want the customization to be uploaded on your server at some specific date/time please notify us via Help Desk.
Taskstatus uploaded.gif Uploaded
This status means that your site is updated and you can start using the new functionality.
Taskstatus completed.gif Approved (Confirmed)
This status means that you approve the new functionality. You are the only one who can set this status.
Taskstatus closed.gif Closed
All the reports are uploaded to your File Area and the task is completed.

How a project is evaluated ?

Upon receiving your request, one of our sales representatives involves into communication with you and settles all the details of desired functionality. During discussion of project specification our sales manager will help you to make an exact list of requirements which will include every detail that is necessary to create. After details are settled, sales representative will inform you about the cost of your project and the exact timeframe for performing custom programming. Upon your agreement, we issue an invoice for you to make a payment for the project (please note that preliminary discussion of your task is free of charge).

When can you start my new project?

Please ask your project manager about current scheduling time. He/she will provide you with up-to-date information.

Do you offer a guarantee?

We provide 6-month guarantee on the custom projects.

What information should I provide to receive proper quote?

The following information will help us promptly and correctly issue a quotation:

  1. details of desired features;
  2. description of desired workflows;
  3. integration/development manuals for the software which you want to integrate with X-Cart;
  4. current store URL, software name (X-Cart, LiteCommerce, other) and its version;
  5. links to similar features on other sites (if such exist);
  6. programs/applications used on your site, other than our software.

After the above-cited points are clarified we will be able to provide you with minute and itemized answers to "how much" and "how long" questions. Unless we have those details we may miss something vital for you and thus give an inadequate specification/quote. Remember that we are human beings just like you and we cannot read others minds.

Also, if your cart was modified by you or by a third party company, you should inform us of the modifications beforehand. Otherwise we are not able to guarantee that a previously made modification, of which our developers are not aware, will be properly incorporated with our customization. So, we need complete information about your previous customizations to estimate your project correctly.

What would happen if new project details come up before/after I make the payment?

You should remember to provide exhaustive data on the changes you would like to do in your store. A small detail may influence the entire project. When additional details are given during the project discussion (before the payment is made), we include the new items and increase the initial quote taking into account the development time these extra changes will take.

When additional details are given during the project discussion before the payment is made, we try to include them in the original quote. But you should be ready that new information may change the idea of the whole project and thus increase the initial quote if extra changes require more development hours than it was quoted previously.

If something was missed during the project discussion step and appears after the payment is done and the development is started, you may be redirected back to your quote manager for additional quotation if the new details do not fit into the original quote and it is not possible to implement them as a part of the already paid/quoted service.

Will this modification be compatible with future X-Cart/LiteCommerce versions?

Software Customizations are based on a certain version of the Software as well as on certain set of add-on modules and skin installed. We DO NOT GUARANTEE that Software Modifications will be suitable for: a) the other versions of the Software b) the Software with different set of add-on modules c) the Software with different skin

Can I get a quote and specification and defer my decision to order the project?

Yes it's possible. But please note that quote is valid within 2 months.

Is it possible to start my project earlier than it is declared by you?

Unfortunately it is almost impossible to change time frames once they have been set. We cannot ignore our other clients who have already ordered our services. Moreover, exact time frames are provided after you pay, i.e. after your projects gets in the queue.

Nevertheless, the provided time frame is the guaranteed deadline for your project. It includes development, internal testing and uploading of your mod/customization/entire project to our testing server for your preview. The customization itself may be completed earlier.

Where can I send my feedback about the project?

You can post your messages in the corresponding ticket under your X-Cart Account while the project is being made. After the project is finished you will be offered to leave comments regarding provided service. Also you can send your feedback or complaint to feedback@qtmsoft.com

We should welcome and appreciate any feedback from you.

What is the project workflow if I order web site design and integration services

Dc services workflow.png


First of all, our design service covers 2 types of work: 'creation' and 'integration':

  • Design Creation implies that we develop the desired website look-n-feel and provide it to you as a set of files
  • if you don't feel like applying those files yourself and let our engineers continue, the Design Integration begins, during which we actually integrate those design files into your website.
  • please note: until the design-creation task is completed, we can not predict the price of the 2nd task (design integration)


Once you request our design services, the responsible quote manager learns your ideas and expectations. At this point you two discuss just the design-creation part. Upon discussion you get our estimation of price and timeframe.

The design creation, as the picture shows, includes 2 stages of "payment-work-approval".

1st stage starts with your advance payment - 40% from the final design-creation price. Our next step is to create some sketches (usually it's the design for store home page). If you don't like any, we'll develop another set of drafts. Such procedure of offering and denying is limited up to 2 iterations: if you don't like neither the first set, nor the second one - you'll have to order the creation service again. But due to excellent skills and creativity of our design team, the customers usually find the suitable sketch within the first 2 iterations. The chosen sketch will become a foundation of the future design.

2nd stage starts with paying the rest of the price (60%). Our next move is to improve the chosen sketch, taking into account your previous corrections and wishes, and your business specifics. This step includes enriching the sketch with layout details, making the design more convenient and user-friendly. Assuming you approve what we made, the design creation is over at this point.

Thus, you get a whole set of files to use: usually, 4-6 high-quality graphics (.tiff/.jpg/.png/.psd images with 72 dpi) for the following pages: Home, Product List, Category, Product Details, Shopping cart pages (and more if you had required).


When you ask us to integrate the existing design files, the quote manager examines them to realize the task complexity. Then he informs you about this project price and once you settle the invoice, we start to work.

Our first action is to place your website (existing store or plain new version) onto our demo server. There we prepare graphic material, create layout, change color scheme, buttons, menus, etc. In a few days you usually get the URL where the intermediate results can be seen.

Assuming you request some corrections, we work further and bring the website design to perfection (i.e., we maximally match the store outlook with your comments and wishes). Finally, our demo server will have the completed store approved by you.

Now you can choose how the project results should be delivered to your live web-environment:

  • If you have an existing X-Cart store already, we can apply our result skin into it (this option can be seen on the picture).
  • If you haven't got X-Cart store yet, we can prepare a package for installation. It will combine default X-Cart functionality with your just-integrated design. From that point you can install such a package yourself, or hire our installation engineers (ordering so-called "Instant package" service).

Can I pay for a project by installments?

If your project is rather small (approx. $100-$500) then we require 100% upfront payment. In case of larger projects we can implement them by parts if you pay for each part upfront. However, we do not do our work before we receive your payment.

Can I re-use my customization on my other sites?

Yes, but you should be aware of possible incompatibility of the produced code with other software versions or configurations

Who retains proprietary rights to the custom code?

According to X-Cart license agreement and LiteCommerce license agreement we retain the copyright and all other proprietary rights in and to the code.

Will you use my ideas for future versions of your software?

If a feature we implement for you as a custom solution is requested by other users, sooner or later we will add it to certain version of the software. However, most likely the implementation will differ from the one we developed for you.

May I distribute the produced code among other users for free?

Yes, you may distribute the code among other users. Such code must contain unmodified copyright notice at the top of each php file.

What is a "buyout price" of a graphic prototype?

Purchasing at the 'buyout price' guarantees that you are the last person who orders the graphic prototype and it will be permanently removed from our website and will never appear to other visitors after your order.

When you purchase at the 'buyout price', you can use the design on an unlimited number of websites.

What is integration of a graphic prototype?

If your ecommerce website is based on X-Cart or LiteCommerce shopping cart software, you can order our design integration services and we will integrate the graphic prototype with your online store.

Installation and upgrade

How to order the installation service?

Please, buy the service at Products and services page or submit a ticket in the Communication center section of your X-Cart Account.

What's the X-Cart Upgrade Service?

The software upgrade service is aimed at:

  • assisting you to update the software version up to the higher minor/major release (e.g. from v4.3.0 to v4.3.1 or from v4.1.x to v4.3.x )
  • assisting you to update the software version when the regular upgrade procedure is not working for some reason (e.g. due to customized functionality/design)

If a store does not have custom mods/skins installed the upgrade service is provided as follows:

  1. We get a request for the software upgrade estimation
  2. Upgrade Dept. specialist examines the store and estimates the basic cart upgrade (default software installation and database upgrade)
  3. Upon the service confirmation we schedule the works (all works are performed on our local servers)
  4. Upgrade Dept. specialist performs the basic cart upgrade
  5. The customer checks the results
  6. Upon a confirmation from the customer the engineer uploads the upgraded store to the production server (the data synchronization is performed during this upload)

If the store has custom mods/skins installed the procedure is more complex (see the scheme below):

  1. We get a request for the cart upgrade estimation
  2. Upgrade Dept. specialist engineer examines the store and estimates the basic cart upgrade (default software installation and database upgrade)
  3. Design/Development PM's estimate the enhanced upgrade (custom features and design re-implementation) if requested by a customer
  4. Upon the service confirmation we schedule the works (all works are performed on our local servers)
  5. Upgrade Dept. engineer performs the basic cart upgrade
  6. The customer checks the results
  7. Design/Development engineer perform the custom features/design re-implementation
  8. The customer checks the custom features
  9. Upon a confirmation from the customer the Upgrade Dept. engineer uploads the upgraded store to the production server (the data synchronization is performed during this upload)
Complex upgrade.png

Note: The upgrade procedure may vary depending on store's code and skin. In case there are minor design changes the layout transfer may be included to the basic cart upgrade. The same for the custom features and for some features already present in the new software version.
Note: We do not provide any services for the 3-rd party software. If you want to use any 3-rd party software along with x-cart you should consult the software vendor in advance.


My X-Cart shop is live now. How can I get it listed in X-Cart featured shops category on X-Cart site?

Submit us a request at https://www.x-cart.com/featured-store-request.html and we will consider it. You can use the form to share your feedback about X-Cart as well. We do not guarantee that all the web-sites will be published in “X-Cart featured shops” category, however.

Can you install third-party scripts (like PHPBB, Mambo etc) on my site?

Yes, we can help you. Submit a ticket in the HelpDesk of your X-Cart Account with a title "Request for a 3-rd party software installation", post the details on the software and provide the distributive. An engineer will be assigned to the task and you'll be able to discuss the installation wit him. Minimal change for such tasks is 100 suppot points. The precise quote will depend on complexity of the installation.

I've found a bug in Qualiteam's product. Where should I post it?

Bugs should be posted to https://bugtracker.qtmsoft.com (the instructions on usage can be found at Using bugtracker.qtmsoft.com page).

Feature requests should be posted to https://ideas.x-cart.com

If possible please search the database prior to posting, to avoid creating duplicate entries.