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This page contains guidelines on how to process payments in ZenCart/osCommerce-based store using X-Payments.

ZenCart can be connected to X-Payments by using X-Payments Connector. This ensures correct implementation of the following tasks:

  • Importing the data on active payment methods from X-Payments to ZenCart/osCommerce;
  • Transferring cart and customer details from ZenCart/osCommerce into X-Payments;
  • Redirecting the customer from ZenCart/osCommerce to X-Payments and back to ZenCart/osCommerce;
  • Synchronizing transaction and order details between X-Payments and ZenCart/osCommerce.

System requirements

Zen Cart™ Version: >= v1.3.8 osCommerce Version: >= v2.2

Video tutorial


Download X-Payments connector:

Unzip downloaded archive and follow readme instructions.

Configuring X-Payments Connector

Before you can start using ZenCart/osCommerce together with X-Payments, you must configure X-Payments Connector.To configure X-Payments Connector:

1. Log in to the ZenCart/osCommerce Admin area.

2. Go to the X-Payments connector settings page (Modules -> Payment -> X-Payments connector).

This will open the X-Payments Connector configuration page.

Zen os settings.gif

3. Define connection details.

  • X-Payments configuration bundle: A string, containing all the required settings details, which is generated in X-Payments back-office.
  • IP addresses for X-Payments callbacks: enter IP address of the server where X-Payments is installed. "" can not be used here. For better understanding what IP address to put here see X-Payments:How_It_Works#Callback_from_X-Payments_to_the_store
  • Payment currency: Currency

Click the Update button.

4. Select available payment method

After all settings are configured click Edit button and select one of available X-Payments methods.

Zencart select method.gif

5. Click the Update button.