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To be able to use FirstData Global Gateway, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Settings > Payment Configurations.
  2. Select "FirstData Global Gateway - API" from the New configuration select box and click Add new.
  3. Complete the fields on this page:
    • Name: Enter the name of your FirstData configuration.
    • Store name or store number: Enter the six- to ten-digit number assigned when the account is set up. If this is a test account, the store name may be a text string.
    • Certificate file name: Enter the name of the digital certificate (.pem file) issued for a given store. You should upload it into the following directory on the server: <xpayments_root>/main/src/lib/XPay/Module/FirstData/.
      Please note that you should enter only the name of the file, not the file path.
    • Test/Live mode: Select from Test or Live.
  4. Complete the remaining setting fields and click Save.

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