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The images that define the look of your X-Payments front end can be changed. Below is the list of images that are used for the front end in X-Payments 1.0 (default X-Payments template):

  • icon_error.gif -- the error icon. This image is marked in red on the screenshot.
  • logo_card.png -- the Credit Card logo. This image is marked in blue on the screenshot.
  • question.gif -- the question mark. This image is marked in green on the screenshot.

Replacing images.gif

To replace the images, upload the necessary files to the <xpayments_dir>/public/templates/default/ directory (templates/default/ directory for users of X-Payments Hosted plans).

The instruction above describes how to change the look of the default X-Payments template, but of course you can change the images of any other template. To do so you should go to the <xpayments_dir>/public/templates/ directory (for X-Payments Hosted users - templates/) and find the folder that has the same name as the template for which you need to change images (for example, "xcart"). There you will find the images that will need to be changed. Replace them with your own images by uploading the images via FTP.

Do not forget to approve all the changes in the admin back-end of X-Payments.