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This page holds frequently asked questions on using X-Shops ecommerce hosting and Qualiteam's X-Cart hosting service.

X-Shops Overview

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your interest to our services. We hope you will find these quick answers helpful. Your opinion is of a great value to us; we always do our best to improve our services.Here is our real-time services overview.

X-Shops overview

X-Shops is a Software as a Service project. It is based on X-Cart and Magento, the most powerful and feature-rich e-commerce software on the market. Its open-source code allows customizing your on-line store to meet your specific business needs. Our qualified developers and designers are always glad to help you. It is more than just a shopping cart platform for your e-commerce store: X-Shops solution combines a flexible shopping cart engine with the whole set of technical services: web hosting on US servers, qualified server administration, backup and technical support services. You can be sure that the complete handling of technical side of online store maintenance is done by professionals. This fact allows you to concentrate solely on sales, marketing and customer relations. For more detailed information, please visit http://www.x-shops.com/

X-Cart Hosting overview

PCI Complaint Hosting from Qualiteam for X-Cart owners. Finding the right shopping cart hosting solution could be a tough job. In our ongoing efforts to provide our customers with top-notch e-commerce services, we are offering our own shopping cart hosting service, X-Cart hosting. This service combines a fully compatible hosting solution with our brand e-commerce software installation and server tuning services. The detailed service description is available at http://www.x-cart.com/hosting.html

PCI Compliant

X-Cart and X-Shops hosting servers meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) required by Visa and MasterCard. The up-to-date set of security features ensures the protection of all sensitive data.

Remote access

Once an account is created, you'll receive a list of credentials for accessing Plesk panel, FTP, SSH and MySQL, as well as X-Cart for X-Shops users. This information is very important; user that holds it has the full control over to your webstore stats, files, databases and management.

FTP Access

What is FTP? How can I use it?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Using FTP, you or your developer can easily manage your files and directories on the server.

SSH Access

What is SSH? How can I use SSH?

SSH is Secure Shell. By using SSH, you or your developer can execute Linux shell commands directly on the server. SSH can be more flexible and useful for storefront developers.

Plesk control panel

What is Plesk Panel?

Plesk Panel—structured, easy-to-use, end-user control panel that simplifies users' hosting management experience, reducing both churn and support costs. The intuitive Web-page model lets users learn quickly, rapidly find the desired functionality, and still have full access to all needed power.

How can I access my Plesk Panel?

To access your Plesk Panel, you should append the plesk port(8443) to the address of your store in the browser. Example: http://your_domain.com:8443/ or http://yourdomaincom.x-shops.com:8443/

What is your Plesk Panel version?

Current Plesk Panel version is 10.0.1.

X-Shops/X-Cart Hosting Servers

Server hardware

Here are some details about Qualiteam servers:

  • Two Processors Intel Xeon-Westmere 5670-Hexcore [2.93GHz]
  • 10 GB of RAM
  • 4 Hard Drive Seagate Cheetah ST3300656SS 500 GB
  • RAID 1 0