LiteCommerce:Adding a Product to the Shopping Cart

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Warning.png This article refers to LiteCommerce 2.x only. For user manual to LiteCommerce 3.x, please visit this website.

A product can be added to LiteCommerce shopping cart in a number of ways:

  • by clicking on an 'Add to cart' button in the product page (Figure 6-2);
  • by clicking on the 'Buy now' button in the category listing where the product is listed, if the store administrator has enabled this functionality (Figure 6-1);
  • by other means made available by the store administrator (certain LiteCommerce add-on modules introduce additional shopping cart functionality).

Depending on the settings specified by the store administrator, when a product is added to the shopping cart, the shopper's browser is either redirected to the shopping cart, or remains in the same product page.