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Add-on module - a software component which integrates flawlessly into LiteCommerce software and brings additional functionality to an online store.

Administrator - a registered online store user with administrative access rights who performs administrative tasks at the store including configuring, operating and maintaining all of its components.

Cookie - small data file written to a user's hard drive by a web server. These files contain specific information that identifies users.

CSV (comma separated values) file format - the format of the files used to import/export your store data. CSV file is a text file where each line represents a separate record comprised of the record fields separated by a designated field delimiter.

Customer - registered store user; registered users have access to additional store who can login, place orders, update and delete his/her own profile.

CVV2 - authentication scheme established by credit card companies in their efforts to reduce fraud in Internet transactions. It requires credit card holders to enter a 3 digit PIN (the CVV2 number) written at the back of the card to ensure that the card is in their possession at the time of use. The number is requested by the payment details form during the checkout process.

Extra field - see Product extra field, Global extra field.

Global extra field - product extra field defined for a category or a number of product categories.

Installation directory - directory where LiteCommerce software is uploaded and installed. If not stated otherwise, the location of this directory should be specified relative to the default FTP directory of your store. Follow the instructions provided to you by your hosting provider to determine the URL of your online store based on the location of LiteCommerce installation directory (see also Shop URL).

Offline payment method - payment method which does not involve an online payment transaction. Manual credit card processing, purchase order, phone ordering, e-check and COD payment methods provided in LiteCommerce software on default are examples of offline payment methods.

Online payment method - payment method which involves real-time online credit card processing using payment processing gateway (PayPal, AuthorizeNet, 2CheckoutCom or similar). Support for additional payment processing gateways is introduced to LiteCommerce by corresponding add-on modules.

Order ID - number used to identify an order in the store database, assigned to orders at the time of checkout.

Position value (Pos.) - an integer value associated with an item (product, category, payment method, shipping method, etc.) used to arrange a set of items when presenting them in the Customer and Administrator Zones; usually, items are sorted in ascending order of their position values.

Product class - a parameter used to identify a group of products which share same tax rate. Product classes are used as conditions when defining specific tax rates (e.g.: tax free items) in the 'Rates/conditions' tab of the 'Taxes' section. To have a tax rate different from the rest of the stock, a product must be assigned the corresponding product class, referred to as 'Tax class' in the product details page (see also Tax class).

Product details page - see Product page.

Product extra field - additional product detail field intended to provide the store visitors with complementary information on a product.

Product page - in the Customer Zone this term refers to a page in the store catalog which provides full details of a particular product; in the Administrator Zone it refers to the page where product details are defined.

Shipping zone - a group of countries or states to which the same shipping charges apply.

Shop URL - the URL (web address) of your store is used to access it via a web browser. The address (E.g.: '') is comprised of a protocol part (E.g.: 'http://'), web server name (E.g.: '' or '') and LiteCommerce web directory. These three components form the URL. Follow the instructions provided to you by your hosting provider to match your shop URL with LiteCommerce installation directory (see also Installation directory, Web directory).

Shopper - any user who places products into a shopping cart.

Shopping cart - a software component that operates on an online store, keeping track of all items that a shopper wants to purchase, allowing the shopper to pay for the whole order at once.

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) - product ID number used to identify the product in the store catalog for book-keeping and inventory purposes.

SQL file format - the format of the files used to backup your store database. SQL file is a text file containing SQL instructions.

Store web address - see Shop URL.

Storefront - the front page of your online store.

Tax class - a parameter of a product which determines the tax rate applicable to it. In the tax rule definitions this parameter is referred to as 'Product class' (see Product class).

Upload directory - see Installation directory.

User - any person who accesses the online store through the Customer Zone. A user can be registered (Customer) or unregistered (Visitor).

Visitor - unregistered store user.

Web directory - directory path to LiteCommerce installation files within the web space of your server.