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LC version2.xonly

Before transferring LiteCommerce files please make sure that you set the Binary files transfer mode in your FTP client. Some of the transferred files may be damaged if transferred in the ASCII mode.

In order to move your LiteCommerce installation to new server you should perform the following steps:

1. Check if your images are stored on the "filesystem". If so, you should move them to the "database". You can do it under the "Image files" section of the admin interface.

2. Make backup of the database. You can do it using either the "DB Backup/Restore" LiteCommerce feature (see the corresponding section in the admin back-end) or a MySQL terminal utility (like 'mysqldump' or 'phpMyAdmin').

3. Backup the whole LiteCommerce directory.

4. Upload the whole LiteCommerce directory into the web-directory on the new server.

5. Modify file "etc/config.php". Check the sections:

hostspec = "your_mysql_host"
database = "your_mysql_database"
username = "your_mysql_username"
password = "your_mysql_password"

http_host = ""
https_host = ""
web_dir = "litecommerce_root_dir/"

You will find some additional explanations in the 'config.php' file above these sections.

NOTE: If the URL to your store is NOT changed, you should NOT edit these lines.

7. Change the current directory to the root LiteCommerce folder and adjust file permissions. Please refer to this article for the details.

8. Upload the database backup file into the MySQL database on the new host. You can do it using either the "DB Backup/Restore" LiteCommerce feature or a MySQL terminal utility. If you have SSH access to your host, you can upload the database using the command line interface:

mysql -u mysql_user_name -p mysql_user_password -h mysql_host_name database_name < backup_file_name.sql

where "mysql_user_name" is the mysql database user name, "mysql_host_name" - the mysql host name (typically 'localhost'), "mysql_user_password" - the password to your mysql database, and "database_name" is the database name itself. "backup_file_name.sql" is the name of your database backup file.

If you don't have any terminal access (SSH, telnet or others), check the control panel at your hosting - it may contain PHP mysql admin or other mysql tools.

9. Test the newly installed LiteCommerce.

10. Move images from the "database" to the "filesystem" if necessary.

If you find it difficult to move the cart yourself, feel free to contact our support team. The engineers will professionally transfer your store to new host. Please open a support ticket in 'Communication center' to get a quote

Note: After you change the URL of your store you should update your license. Follow the instructions from the related questions How to install LICENSE? and How to change the license URL?