LiteCommerce:I am getting fatal error "Class not found" in my store. How do I fix it?

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The error could occur for several reasons:

  1. Non-writable permissions mode on the files and subdirectories inside the "var/run" directory (the compiled classes and templates cache).
  2. One or more tables in the store database could be damaged due to a MySQL service fault.
  3. Missing or damaged files in the store.
  4. Misconfigured PHP.

So, in each case solving the issue takes a different route.

Wrong permissions

Check whether the files and directories inside the "var/run/" directory (and the directory itself) are writable for PHP. If the files or directories are not writable, correct their permissions and make them writable.

See also:

MySQL-related issues

Check and repair the damaged MySQL tables.

Missing or damaged files

Debug the error to find out which files exactly are missing or damaged and restore those files from an LC distributive of the same version.

Misconfigured PHP

Check the PHP configuration to find out what exactly is not correct.

See also:

Should require any assistance on investigating and resolving similar errors, feel free to contact our support team via your personal HelpDesk area.