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Warning.png This article refers to LiteCommerce 2.x only. For user manual to LiteCommerce 3.x, please visit this website.

LiteCommerce software can be set to operate in one of the three modes:

Normal mode

Using LiteCommerce software in Normal mode is the recommended way of running it. This mode allows to setup the entire store using LiteCommerce as the only software, making it easy to launch and maintain the store. This mode provides the full functionality of the versatile LiteCommerce software, makes it possible to expand it by using add-on modules, as well as perform other flexible customizations. Customizable design templates allow for easy integration of LiteCommerce into your existing store (see Editing Templates page for more details).

Checkout desk mode

The Checkout desk mode is specifically designed for merchants who already have existing online stores but are not satisfied with the way their shopping cart works at present. Using LiteCommerce on such stores expands their functionality by adding LiteCommerce shopping cart and checkout mechanisms.

Note: Running LiteCommerce in Checkout desk mode limits the functionality of LiteCommerce to the above-mentioned mechanisms only. In particular, additional functionality introduced by some of LiteCommerce add-on modules becomes non-operational. If you want to take full benefit of the vast capabilities of LiteCommerce, you must use Normal operating mode.

The list of modules which Checkout desk operation mode supports

  • All commercial payment modules
  • Real-time Shipping Quotes

Admin zone features:

  • AOM
  • Advanced Security
  • AntiFraud
  • Cardinal Commerce
  • Ecommerce Reports
  • Froogle
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Live Updating
  • MultiCategories
  • Sns Integration (partially)
  • X-Cart Import

Customer zone features:

  • Gift Certificates (partially)
  • MultiCurrency
  • Promotion

Checkout desk operation mode supports the following Customer Zone pages:

  • shopping cart
  • checkout
  • login
  • registration
  • customer profile editing during checkout

There is a special HTML file 'cart.html' in LiteCommerce installation directory, which is used in the Checkout desk mode as the main shopping cart template instead of, for example, the 'skins/default/en/main.tpl' template. Just like with the Normal Mode, getting the Checkout Desk Mode to work requires the store administrator to define products, shipping options, taxes and other settings using LiteCommerce administrative tools available in the Administrator Zone.

Utilizing this capability of LiteCommerce software can come in handy for operating online stores with a limited amount of products offered. Refer to Integrating LiteCommerce into Existing Online Store Using Checkout Desk Mode page for more details.

Safe mode

Safe mode is essentially the same as Normal mode except for that it disables initialization (activation) of any add-on modules installed. Use this mode if you encounter unexpected behavior of LiteCommerce components or software run-time failures, caused by incorrect configuration of add-on modules. When running LiteCommerce in Safe mode, the initialization of modules does not occur even if they are marked as active in the 'Modules' section of the Administrator Zone.

It is also possible to temporarily switch the store to Safe mode by adding the '&safe_mode=on' parameter at the end of the URL.