LiteCommerce:Upgrading from v2.1 to v2.2

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In order to upgrade your LiteCommerce to version 2.2, you need LiteCommerce software version 2.1 Service Pack 2 to be installed on your server. To verify the version of your LiteCommerce software, see the 'VERSION' file located in LiteCommerce installation directory.

Upgrade package file named 'upgrade2.1.2-2.2.0.tgz' can be downloaded from 'File area' section of your X-Cart Account. If your online store uses an earlier version of LiteCommerce software, you need to upgrade your installation to version 2.1 SP 2 prior to installing LiteCommerce 2.2 upgrade.

Note: All upgrade packages have the following file name format: 'upgradeX.X.X-Y.Y.Y.tgz' , where the first three digits indicate the version of LiteCommerce software to which the upgrade can be applied and the later three indicate the version to which the software would be upgraded.

Not all LiteCommerce installations can be upgraded successfully. Certain software customizations can prevent your LiteCommerce software from successful upgrade (this does not refer to standard add-on modules provided by LiteCommerce). If you experience problems upgrading your LiteCommerce software and need an assistance, our highly qualified technical support team can assist you with the upgrade.