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Warning.png This article refers to LiteCommerce 2.x only. For user manual to LiteCommerce 3.x, please visit this website.

LiteCommerce online store builder version 2.2 features an improved installer and brings numerous enhancements to the functionality and the user interface of the Administrator and Customer Zones. The following is a brief summary of major changes introduced in LiteCommerce version 2.2:

  • Improved installation mechanism;
  • Two beautiful W3C compliant design skins added;
  • A newer demo product set added;
  • High volume data processing procedures refactored;
  • Product import improved;
  • Global extra fields mechanism completely redesigned;
  • Taxation mechanism rewritten to correctly handle product prices that include VAT taxes;
  • 'Free' shipping method introduced;
  • Shipping rate calculation mechanism improved to include additional shipping and handling charges for both standard and real-time shipping methods;
  • Image support code refactored;
  • Credit Card handling procedures in the Customer Zone obtained new user interfaces, support for Solo and Maestro cards and Javascript validation;
  • Flexy template engine improved;
  • Possibility to use multi-tabbed dialogues added in the Customer Zone;
  • Summary of the store's general settings added in the Administrator Zone;
  • Possibility to review order history of a particular user added in the Administrator Zone;
  • Support for MySQL persistent connections introduced;
  • Cookies and Javascript support is now required;
  • Compatibility with PHP 5 added;
  • PHP memory limit option added in the 'config.php' configuration file.

Additionally, the new version of the software resolves many inconsistencies and brings numerous improvements to:

  • Overall stability and security of the software;
  • Compatibility with less used versions and configurations of PHP server software;
  • Database import/export procedures;
  • Stock management mechanisms;
  • Membership selection and handling;
  • Template Editor and HTML design import/export functionality;
  • Usability enhancements due to more user-friendly Administrator and Customer Zone interfaces;
  • Forgotten password recovery functionality;
  • Checkout procedures;

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