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Note: The information below is related to the old incident-based support system which is currently replaced with the new subscription-based support system

We estimated how much time is usually devoted to different issues and classified them by categories. Depending on the issue category, each ticket costs certain amount of tech support points. The approximate list of categories and their price is following:

Issue category Points Description
General assistance
General questions 0 General questions: explanations of our policies such as support-point system basics, ticket processing rules, etc; description of our services, assistance on HelpDesk and forum usage, and so on.
Technical support consulting & assistance
Product warranty issues 0 Product waranty issues: bugs revealing and further providing of patches
Consultation on Software features 0 Advice on basic usage of X-Cart/LiteCommerce features
Assistance on configuration/modification 30 Assistance/consultation on software configuration issues or basic features/design modification. Available if the changes take less than 30 minutes to elaborate. Does not involve any changes on client's server.
Incident solving 60 Troubleshooting involving investigation on client's store and/or server
Incident solving with protracted debugging 120 Troubleshooting involving investigation on client's server, code debugging and protracted debug data monitoring
Other issues Upon request Additional services not included into the list. Usually cost more that the specified tasks, therefore discussed with clients first.
3rd party software
CMS support from 90 Currently we are supporting the following software:
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla!

We will be happy to help you with the installation, assistance on setting them up or troubleshooting. If you need an assistance on open-source 3rd party software (not even CMS), which is not listed above, feel free to contact us anyway. We will do our best to help you. Also, it will help us to understand what else we should add to the list of supporting software.

SEO analysis and enchancements
SEO analysis from 100 Check of an online store's readiness for indexing by major search engines
Installation of X-Cart SEO enchancements 60-2040 X-Cart SEO enchancements: SEO-friendly URLs, custom TITLE and META tags for products, categories and static pages, robots.txt configuration, XML sitemap creation
Google Analytics setup 60 / hour Google Analytics installation service for X-Cart/LiteCommerce stores
Note: The issue costs are approximate, as the ticket rate may change during the problem solving.

While the problem is being solved, the initial ticket price may be changed. For example, if additional investigation is required, the rate will be increased. But if a problem turns out to be a software bug, no points will charged for the support ticket according to our bug-fixing policy.

If you think you were charged incorrectly, we are ready to reconsider the ticket cost.
Note: The cost of HotRush issues is doubled.