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I got "Page not found" error while accessing X-Cart store via HTTPS, what's wrong?


According to the X-Cart requirements the root folders for HTTP and HTTPS site locations should be the same. The "page not found" error means that HTTPS folder does not contain X-Cart. There are several ways to resolve this issue:

  1. Check X-Cart configuration (config.php) and make sure the HTTPS server location is correct.
  2. Contact your hosting company and ask them to reconfigure your server in such a way that your secure and non-secure servers use the same directory.
  3. If you manage your server yourself, you can create a symbolic link from secure to in-secure folders e.g.: ./httpsdocs/ to ./httpdocs/
    The following shell command can be used for the purpose:
    ln -s /home/..../httpdocs /home/..../httpsdocs

    In this case you should make sure that your server is configured to follow "symlinks" (httpd.conf -> Options FollowSymLinks, for the domain root).
  4. The other way is to put another copy of X-Cart in the HTTPS directory. (Not recommended!)