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The module Lexity Live is not available in X-Cart versions 4.6.6 and later.

Lexity Live is a free tool that lets you see who is in your store, what products individual visitors are looking at and what they are putting in the shopping cart — all in real time. See where your traffic is coming from and what search queries people are using to find your store.

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Lexity Live is available as a built-in module in X-Cart versions 4.5.2-4.6.5, all X-Cart editions.

How To Enable Lexity Live

Enabling Lexity Live via the opening screen:

  1. For X-Cart releases 4.5.2+, you will be introduced to Lexity Live on the opening screen after installation of X-Cart and prompted to either 'Keep Using Lexity' or 'Disable It.'
  2. Simply click 'Keep Using Lexity' to automatically enable Lexity Live.

Enabling Lexity Live via the admin back-end:

  1. You may also enable Lexity Live by logging into the admin back-end of X-Cart at http://yourxcartsitedomain.com/xcartfolder/admin/ (e.g. http://mystore.com/xcartfolder/admin/)
  2. Go to Settings -> Modules.
  3. Find "Lexity Live" and enable it.

Once you have enabled Lexity Live, your Lexity Live View will appear in the X-Cart admin back-end at http://yourxcartsitedomain.com/xcartfolder/admin/lexity.php (e.g. http://mystore.com/xcartfolder/admin/lexity.php)

Need help? Email Lexity at support@lexity.com, chat with Lexity live at Lexity.com or call Lexity toll free at 1-855-533-8144.