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This article describes how to setup payments via Linkpoint, YourPay or CardService payment gateways.

1. You should copy the Linkpoint certificate text ("-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----" through the end of initial e-mail from Linkpoint (YourPay, CardService) where it states, "-----END CERTIFICATE-----". text) and save it into a separate text file. For example, name this files as cert.pem. Then upload this file into payment/certs/ folder of your X-Cart.

2. Go to admin area of your store, open Linkpoint configuration page: in 3.5.x - "CC/ACH processing" section; in 4.0.x - "payment methods" page, add Linkpoint from the list of available payment methods. On the Linkpoint configuration page, enter your store name (this should be digital store number or merchant ID), full path on file system of the server to the saved certificate file. For example, if your X-Cart is installed in /home/example/xcart/ (You can find this path on the Summary page of your X-Cart as Environment components info -> X-Cart directory parameter), then full path to certificate file will be


Set test or live mode of operation and enter Order prefix.

Save the settings.

3. Check HTTPS bouncers:

- Go to the "Summary" section of the admin interface and check whether at least one of the following softwares is installed: Net::SSLeay, libCURL or CURL. If none of the softwares is installed, you should ask your host admins to install at least one of them. - Go to the "General settings" section of the admin interface and adjust the "Selected HTTPS module" dropdown box according to the software installed on your host. The 'libCURL' option is the best if it is installed. - Some of the mentioned options might not be working even if they are shown as "installed". In this case you should try another installed software.