X-Cart:Setting up Your API Access

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This step is required for Website Payments Pro and Express Checkout used as an additional payment option.

To enable X-Cart to work with your PayPal Business account, you need to obtain your API credentials from PayPal. API credentials identify you when you make API calls. API credentials for X-Cart consist of an API username, an API password, and a third credential that can be either an API signature or an API SSL client-side certificate.

To obtain your API credentials:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account and click the 'Profile' subtab.
  2. Click 'API Access' in the 'Account Information' column.
  3. Click 'Request API Credential'.
  4. Select the type of credential: API signature or API SSL client-side certificate. (API signature is a 128-bit signature that is included in your API calls to identify you as an authorized caller. API SSL client-side certificate is an SSL certificate that is installed on your web server).
Important: Please note that to be able to use an API SSL client-side certificate as your credential, you need to be able to install the certificate on the web server in the directory <xcart_dir>/payment/certs/, where <xcart_dir> is the name of the directory in which X-Cart is installed.
5. Click 'Submit'.

If you select API Signature, your credentials will simply be provided to you on the next page. From now on, they will be stored in your profile ('Profile' subtab->'API Access' link->'View or Remove Credentials').

If you select API SSL client-side certificate, your API Username and API Password will be provided to you on the next page the same way as if you had requested an API Signature, while the API Certificate will need to be downloaded. To download your API certificate, click the 'Download Certificate' button on the 'Download or Remove API Certificate' page. You will be prompted to download a file called cert_key_pem.txt. This file is your API Certificate. You will need to put this file in <xcart_dir>/payment/certs/.