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X-Cart supports "Skrill Hosted Payment Solution (Credit cards)" and "Skrill E-Wallet" payment methods out of the box. In addition to that, there is another Skrill payment method - the so-called iFrame integration method - which can be enabled by installing a module. The iFrame integration method keeps the transaction in an iframe, meaning that customers no longer have to leave your pages. To obtain the iFrame integration module package, use the download links below:

Download links:


How to add new currencies

1) Open file xcart_dir/include/payment/func.cc_mbookers.php

2) locate func_cc_mbookers_get_currencies function

3) add a new currency into array $currencies (see how other currencies are listed in that array for sample)

As result you should get something like this:

function func_cc_mbookers_get_currencies()
$currencies = array(
'EUR' => 'Euro',
'USD' => 'U.S. Dollar',
'GBP' => 'British Pound',
'HKD' => 'Hong Kong Dollar',
'SGD' => 'Singapore Dollar',
'JPY' => 'Japanese Yen',
'CAD' => 'Canadian Dollar',
'AUD' => 'Australian Dollar',
'CHF' => 'Swiss Franc',
'DKK' => 'Danish Krone',
'SEK' => 'Swedish Krona',
'NOK' => 'Norwegian Krone',
'ILS' => 'Israeli Shekel',
'MYR' => 'Malaysian Ringgit',
'NZD' => 'New Zealand Dollar',
'TRY' => 'New Turkish Lira',
'AED' => 'Utd. Arab Emir. Dirham',
'MAD' => 'Moroccan Dirham',
'QAR' => 'Qatari Rial',
'SAR' => 'Saudi Riyal',
'TWD' => 'Taiwan Dollar',
'THB' => 'Thailand Baht',
'CZK' => 'Czech Koruna',
'HUF' => 'Hungarian Forint',
'SKK' => 'Slovakian Koruna',
'EEK' => 'Estonian Kroon',
'BGN' => 'Bulgarian Leva',
'PLN' => 'Polish Zloty',
'ISK' => 'Iceland Krona',
'INR' => 'Indian Rupee',
'LVL' => 'Latvian Lat',
'KRW' => 'South-Korean Won',
'ZAR' => 'South-African Rand',
'RON' => 'Romanian Leu New',
'HRK' => 'Croatian Kuna',
'LTL' => 'Lithuanian Litas',
'JOD' => 'Jordanian Dinar',
'OMR' => 'Omani Rial',
'RSD' => 'Serbian dinar',
'TND' => 'Tunisian Dinar',
'BHD' => 'Bahraini Dinar',
'KWD' => 'Kuwaiti dinar',
return $currencies;