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What SnS connector module does

The module Sales-n-Stats connector allows you to integrate your X-Cart based store with Sales-n-Stats software. It is available as a built-in module for all X-Cart editions. The module does not require installation and can be enabled in the Modules section of X-Cart Admin area.

Roles in SnS connector module management

If you are an X-Cart GOLD or GOLD PLUS administrator/provider or an X-Cart PLATINUM or PRO administrator:

  • You can enable/disable the module and adjust its configuration settings

Enabling and Configuring 'SnS connector'

To begin using the module:

1. Enable SnS connector module (Administration menu->Modules).

2. Adjust the module settings via General settings/Modules options->Sales-n-Stats connector options:

Sns connector.gif
a) Specify the location of your Sales-n-Stats Data Collector:
  • Enter the HTTP URL of your Sales-n-Stats Data Collector;
  • (If applicable) Enter the HTTPS URL of your Sales-n-Stats Data Collector.
b) Depending on the platform of your Sales-n-Stats collector (php or ASP.Net), specify the extension of Sales-n-Stats collector files (php or asp).
Note: For the current version of Sales-n-Stats, only a php-based collector is available, so choose php.
c) Enter the display name of your shop (If you are going to use your Sales-n-Stats for monitoring more than one shops, this field will help you tell one shop from another.
Important: Even if you are going to monitor a single shop, do not leave this field empty.
d) If you are going to use Sales-n-Stats Live Help functionality, select the 'Display Live Help button' check box.
e) Enter your passphrase for access to the Data collector.
f) Click the Save button.
After installing and configuring the integration module, you will need to import X-Cart-specific settings into your Sales-n-Stats. Please refer to Sales-n-Stats documentation for details.