X-Cart:Upgrading from 3.x-4.0.x to 4.1.x

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The following instruction describes how to upgrade your database to the latest version of x-cart only (i.e. all customizations made to your current store need to be re-implemented to the latest version of x-cart).

Below is an example with starting v3.4.14. The scenario is the same for all versions of branches 3.x and 4.0.x. You should just use different upgrade patches that are for your x-cart version.

1. Install default X-Cart 3.4.14 and link it with the copy of your database.

2. Download '3.4.14-3.5.6-gold_upgrade.tgz' upgrade pack from the File area's folder "X-Cart/X-Cart supporting files for prev versions/X-Cart 3.4/Upgrade kits for 3.4.x branch" folder and apply it.

3. Download upgrade packs for the upgrade from 3.5.6 to 3.5.14 from your File area -> 'X-Cart' folder -> 'X-Cart supporting files for prev versions' folder -> 'X-Cart 3.5' folder -> 'Upgrade kits for 3.5.x branch' folder and apply them.

4. Download from the same folder in your File area '3.5.14-4.1.8_sql_upgrade.tgz'. Follow the readme file.

5. Install X-Cart 4.1.10 to a separate folder.

6. Generate upgrade patch 4.1.8->4.1.10 in section 'My licenses': follow "Get upgrade pack" link, select the patch. You should unpack the archive and extract file 'patch.sql'. Apply this patch to your database.

7. Execute the following SQL query for the upgraded database:

update xcart_config set value='4.1.10' where name='version';

8. Link the upgraded database to X-Cart v4.1.10 installation.

9. Open 'upgrade_sql.php' from '4.0.19-4.1.8_sql_upgrade.tgz' and find the following code:

die("ERROR: Cannot find application! Please check the configuration.");

require_once $xcart_dir."/config.php";

$init_blowfish_key = "8d5db63ada15e11643a0b1c3477c2c5c";
$new_version = '4.1.8';

Copy the $init_blowfish_key value from there.

10. Open 'config.php' of X-Cart 4.1.10 and find the following code there:

1. It is quite safe to use X-Cart with the Blowfish key generated during
2. installation; however, if you still want to change it, please refer to
3. X-Cart Reference Manual or contact X-Cart Tech Support for details.

$blowfish_key = "******************************* (your key will be here)";


2. Please ensure that you have no whitespaces or empty lines below this message.
3. Adding a whitespace or an empty line below this line will cause a PHP error.

Uncomment this string:

$blowfish_key = "******************************* (your key will be here)";

and put the key in there. Finally it must look as follow:

$blowfish_key ='************************* 8d5db63ada15e11643a0b1c3477c2c5c';

All the modifications you have in your current store (design changes, functionality customizations) need to be re-implemented to X-Cart 4.1.x, since they were created for 3.x branch and thus are not compatible with X-Cart 4.1.x. A simple copying will not work.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to backup your database and files before the upgrade.