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Depending on the stage of processing, the status of an order paid with an online payment method may change between Queued, Not finished and Processed. This article overviews the cases when order status changes and order status notifications that are sent to user with different notification settings.

Orders and statuses

Any new order placed via an online payment method is created with the status Not finished.

Then X-Cart "talks" to the payment gateway and attempts to get information on the status of the payment transaction.

If for whatever reason that communication fails, the order remains with the Not finished status. Here is a couple of examples how this could happen:

  • A customer chooses to pay via PayPal, so he gets redirected to PayPal. Suddenly, he his mind, does not complete the payment process and closes the browser.
  • A customer chooses to pay with a Credit Card (Ogone), enters the credit card data and clicks "Submit" on the last checkout page, but the customer's browser or computer shuts down for some reason.

If the communication is successful, the order status changes to:

Processed - the payment transaction is Approved by the payment gateway AND the order passes the antifraud check.

Queued - in case the payment transaction is Approved by the payment gateway BUT the order DOES NOT pass the antifraud check.

Failed - in case the payment transaction is Declined by the payment gateway OR X-Cart can not interpret the information received from the payment gateway for some reasons.

Order statuses and notifications

Enable email notifications for orders department/providers about initially placed orders turned ON, you will receive notifications on every new Not finished order, placed via an online payment method.

To receive notifications when the order status changes from Not finished to Processed, you should still turn Order is processed notification to orders department ON.

No notification is sent to the Order Department when the order status changes from X-Cart:Orders#Statuses_of_orders_paid_for_by_online_payment_methods''Not finished'' to Queued or [[|X-Cart:Orders#Statuses_of_orders_paid_for_by_online_payment_methodsFailed]].