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Main sections


Guide to setting up a new MediaWiki installation
Alphabetical list of settings | Settings listed by function
Information about the various parameters that can be used to customize the MediaWiki software.
Database layout
Details about the database architecture behind MediaWiki.
Details about the PHP program.
Global object variables
Details about the global objects variables used throughout the MediaWiki code.
Software hooks that allow you to extend the built-in MediaWiki functionality.
Parameters to index.php
Details about parameters passed to the wiki via the URL.
MediaWiki FAQ
Frequently asked questions about the software.
In-depth description of the external API.
Help on meta
Lots of help about various things - in the process of being moved here.
Doxygen documentation of MediaWiki code.
External API

Browsing the manual

The manual is not particularly developed yet, and the content we do have is not always organised well. These other methods of browsing our content may help: