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Orders department does not receive any notifications.

Some spam filters may block an email message if the domain part of the address in the From header does not correspond to the domain that the message was sent from. For example, all email notifications being sent from customer's email address customer@aol.com to your orders department email address info@yourstoredomain.com may be blocked by your server's spam filters.

This issue affects old X-Cart versions (like 4.2.0-4.2.3 and earlier) being hosted by some hosting companies (for example, godaddy).


This problem has been solved in new X-Cart versions (4.3.x and 4.4.x) - there is a special field in Company options which is called "From" email address.

The email address that you specify in this field (for example, info@yourstoredomain.com) will be automatically put into the From header of all email messages you send from the store. It allows you not to affect the address in the Reply-To header and ensures that your outgoing email messages will not be blocked because of mismatching domains.

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