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This page holds table of contents of cross-version user manual for LiteCommerce.

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What's New in LiteCommerce 2.2

What's New in LiteCommerce 2.1

Customer Support


  • Installation procedure

Getting to Know LiteCommerce

User Account Types

User Zones

Operating Modes

Order Life Cycles

Import/Export Procedures and CSV File Format

Setting up Your Online Store

Quick Start Wizard

General Settings

Security Considerations and Measures

Managing Payment Methods

Managing Geographical Settings

Managing Shipping Settings

Managing Taxes

Defining Membership Levels

Customizing Your Store

Integrating LiteCommerce into Existing Online Store Using Checkout Desk Mode

Setting up Your Online Store for LiteCommerce Integration

Switching Your Store to Checkout Desk Mode

Configuration Files and Troubleshooting Tools

Problems During Images Import


Maintaining Your Online Store

Backing up and Restoring the Database

Cleaning-up the Cache

Storing Image Files

Using LiteCommerce Control Panel for Windows

Restoring Administrator Account

Upgrading Your LiteCommerce Software

Before You Perform the Upgrade

Upgrade Procedure

After Upgrade

Operating Your Online Store

Managing Users

Importing User Accounts from a CSV File

Managing Product Catalog

Managing Orders

Reviewing Statistics

Customer Zone Operation

Browsing the Store Catalog

Shopping at LiteCommerce-based Online Store

Adding a Product to the Shopping Cart

Reviewing Shopping Cart Contents

Completing Orders

Registering and Managing Customer Accounts

Registering a Customer Account

Modifying Customer Profile

Deleting Customer Profile

Resetting a Password

Reviewing Order History

Extension Modules

Expanding LiteCommerce Functionality with Modules

Installing/Uninstalling Modules